Business Profile/Bio

Every person and organization has a compelling story to tell. Park Street specializes in delivering these stories in a natural, unscripted and captivating manner. These videos can vary in length, but all are intended to tell your story and make a connection with the viewer.

Event/Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes video is a great way to reveal the lighter side of a company or product. Capturing your event is a valuable marketing tool for your brand and website and enables you to spread your message easily across social media.

Non-Profit/Call to Action

Visual storytelling is a proven and effective way to connect with people and inspire them to give, to help, or to take action. At Park Street Productions, we enjoy working with all types of organizations to promote their cause and help them make a difference.

Audition Reel

Is there a reality, game, or home renovation show for which you want to audition? Park Street can make a professional video that will stand out and capture the attention of the show’s producers. These videos are usually 1-2 minutes in length.

Award/Tribute Video

A tribute video is a great way to entertain your audience while recognizing the major accomplishments of an individual or an organization. The video also serves as a priceless keepsake for the honoree.

Life Story

The value of sharing your life story with the next generation is immeasurable. Park Street can create a video that celebrates your personal history with the feel of a professional documentary.

Product Video

Customers aren’t just buying a product, they are investing in the people and the story behind that product. Who you are, how your product came about and how it works, are all important elements in getting your product noticed and sold.