What We Do

Park Street Productions is a video production company born in New York City, based in Morgantown, WV, and specializing in biographical and documentary style videos. We create a highly personalized video for businesses and individuals to present their own unique story, in their own words. Businesses and individuals can use the video for a company website, social media, YouTube or Vimeo, an event, or simply for the client’s personal viewing.

Who We Are

Park Street was founded by Emmy Award winning producer, Liza Gangi Heiskell, who worked as a television producer in New York City for national networks such as Fox, MSNBC, Discovery, TLC and MTV. Liza is involved in every aspect of each production – pre-production (developing the message or story), filming, editing and post production. The focus for each client is on their unique story and expressing it in a compelling and meaningful manner.


With current technology, we have the opportunity and ability to share more about ourselves and our businesses than ever before, and to a wider audience. Potential customers and employers not only want to invest in products or services, they want to get to know and invest in the people who are behind them. Creating a compelling video is the best way to share your message, connect with new customers, and keep in touch with old ones.

How it works

  • What’s Your Story?
    We work one on one to get to know you and your story. At this time we begin the process of creating a theme that will most effectively and efficiently tell your story through the visual medium.
  • Pre-Production
    We talk again to discuss the important elements of your story and go over all logistics. With careful planning, we develop a production schedule (including all filming and post-production) that works best for you.
  • Production
    This is when the fun begins! We shoot all of our interviews and b-roll (the supplemental footage that is intercut with the main shot/interview). We do our best to remain on schedule but also recognize that spontaneity often leads to the potential for great moments to be captured for your video.
  • Post-Production
    We edit the video in a timely fashion giving you the ability to give feedback, making it a truly personalized production.

Why Park Street?

More and more businesses are recognizing the power of video, but only a quality video will leave potential customers eager to make contact. At Park Street, we love helping small businesses and individuals communicate their unique stories, their strengths and their ideas to a broader audience. And because Park Street has a small, yet experienced staff, we can make an excellent video at an affordable price.